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Blaine Lay (RCLI ’18): Brand Experience Manager, Padilla

Vice Chair
Brian Broadway: President, Gryphon Capital Management

  • Monica Brown (Treasurer): Retired/Senior Manager Corporate Finance, Altria Client Services

  • J.G. Carter: President, Union Mortgage Group

  • Anthony Crenshaw: Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement, University of Richmond

  • Caitlin Figura (RCLI ’12): Donor Relations Manager, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond

  • Wendell Globig: Investment Manager, Globig Investments

  • Christopher Jones: Owner, Authentic Leader

  • Tuck Knupp: PCUSA Pastor (Retired)

  • Tarvaris McCoy (RCLI ’14): CEO/Principal, Zoe House, LLC/ The Real McCoy Companies

  • Ashley Tuite (Secretary): Attorney, Gammon & Grange, P. C.


Operations Coordinator
Erin Nogueira

Session Leader (Volunteer)
Rev. Gina Maio